NRCC (Netherland's Romanian Chamber of Commerce) is the most fast growing and biggest foreign chamber of commerce in Romania, networking over 180 romanian & dutch companies. Their activity is divided through different events. For each event I design specific guidelines, that I use for print & video materials. I also designed the new website (mockup in the right).

NRCC Website

The concept of the website was established through a detailed process in different phases: research, personas, user research, concept maps, wireframes. Agile Methodology was included. To add responsiveness, Bootstrap was integrated and the whole website was constructed on a customized CMS. Visually, branding colors were used among rhombus shapes to create a corporate feeling.

NRCC Workflow

In the design process I collaborated with the branding & communication department and everything was supervised by the NRCC Executive Director. More details of the workflow can be seen below.


To find the right colors I used  mood boards technic. Standard orange was associated with contrast colors that underline very clearly all beauty concepts.