Marcel Guguianu

Marcel Guguianu


Marcel Guguianu, an emblematic figure of european  sculpture, was a prolific artist that contirbuited in  opening the path for modernism in Romania. 'Symphony of the world' and 'Testimonials about life and art' were the last art catalogs created during his lifetime. The testimonials part is an unusual introspecion into the life of the artist, presenting in premiere his drawings and his thoughts. 


The project was the result of a beautiful collaboration with the art critic who signed the catalog.


Art Catalog

The layout guideline was reduced to minimal in order for the artwork to shine. A number of 500 pieces were presented, including sketches and plasters. I used a visual index to make navigation easy and some shots from the artist’s workshop for welcoming the reader.


Exhibition materials were designed according to the art catalogs guidelines. Iancut is known for using bronze for his sculptures and wanted to translate exactly that feeling - therefor a golden shade was mixt with a black background.


The bronze color reflected by the sculptures was the highlight of the design.