Raureni is a traditional romanian brand that dates back to 1968 and produces yummy jams, syrups, juices & delicious pickles and vegetable spread. Besides the taste, Raureni is well-known for using bio high quality ingredients. During my activity as an Art Director I tried to communicate their natural features in a rustic way, making use of vivid colored palette generated by the products. With lickerish, eye candy recipes user engaged fast and Raureni digital campaigns became a hit.

Social Media

By using Facebook’s boosted posts, Raureni placed ads related to their products. They focused on both desktop and mobile users. By incorporating data from past activity, the company ensured that a wide variety of ad testing was done, essentially optimizing the advertisement’s impact based on where their customers were in the buying cycle. Results were outstanding, the target was reached and the brand awarness grew significantly.


One of my favourite campaigns was during the Christmas holiday, when we awarded the biggest Raureni fans with customised plates. Each item was specially designed and afterwards hand-painted. All messages revolved around the love for yummy, delicious jams.


Colors used were accordingly the brand manual.