One Beer Later



One Beer Later is a new romanian craft beer, branded from scratch. The name says it all - One Beer Later, reality can change and you became part of a fantastic trip. Either, you can feel smarter than Einstein, or you have advice to give, or everything seems more beautiful. One Beer Later begins its journey with 3 distinct recipes: American Amber Ale (Einstein is wrong), American Stout (Wooow) & American IPA (Drink Different).


A rustic, crafted look based on warm chromatic with shades of green for ballance.

Social Media

OBL is aiming to get a distinctive position on social media. Here are some examples of posts and campaigns. For more you can visit FB/onebeerlater or instagram/onebeerlater


To find the right colors I used  mood boards technic. Standard orange was associated with contrast colors that underline very clearly all beauty concepts.