FRC – Eduard Novak Campaign



On February 2017 new elections for presidency of the Romanian Federation of Cycling took place. I had the honor to design the campaign for the winning candidate - Eduard Novak - a gold medalist at the Paralympic Games 2012, and also the most promising Romanian personality of the future of cycling.


During the whole campaign I worked with image consultants and members of RFC.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


It was wished to emphasis both perspectives of the candidate: I.N. - the sportsman & the winner at the Paralympics and E.N. - the President of RFC. Due to Edurad Novak's astonishing results in former mandate and to ease the meaning of the blending of those two perspectives, it was chosen a well-known visual correlation with a comic book character.


A corporate palette of blue colors was used and details were underlined with a contrasting tone of red.